EastEnders: Sonia returns to help Bex – and confront Louise!

Louise's part in the bullying of Bex is finally revealed


Sonia Fowler will be back from Kettering in the coming weeks on EastEnders – but will she be able to get to the truth about what’s been going on with daughter Bex?


As viewers know, Bex has been facing persecution from Madison and Alexandra at Walford High, while supposed friend Louise has also caused no end of trouble.

Now, Sonia will be seen pushing Bex for information and learning an upsetting truth – that Louise has been involved in the bullying.

As the facts comes out, Louise is left mortified as Sonia confronts her over her actions. And Sharon is also getting involved, wasting no time in giving Louise a harsh reality check. 

By Tuesday 18 April, Sharon will be seen encouraging Louise to apologise to Bex, but Phil’s daughter insists that it’s too late. And Bex will certainly be making her feelings clear when she reiterates that their friendship is definitely over.

But Sharon and Michelle seem determined to heal the rift: next week’s episodes will end with the pair trying to mend Bex and Louise’s friendship at the allotments.

As Louise continues to say sorry, will Bex accept the apology?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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