The first trailer for a new Heath Ledger documentary is a real tear-jerker

The Brokeback Mountain and Dark Knight star's wish to becoming a director tragically never came true


Did you know that Brokeback Mountain and The Dark Knight star Heath Ledger had always dreamed of becoming a director?


His death in 2008 sadly cut that dream short, but his love of filmmaking is set to be remembered in a new documentary – and the trailer for it is particularly poignant.

I Am Heath Ledger is jam packed with footage of the actor playing around with cameras, filming himself and others, and also features some of his nearest and dearest discussing his rise to fame.

“He was always a director,”his childhood friend Trevor DiCarlo explains. “Acting was just a way to get there.”

Keep a box of tissues handy – this one’s just a tad sad.


I Am Heath Ledger airs on Spike on 17th May