We have 13 new clues for Doctor Who series 10 – can you solve them?

We've been backstage on set with Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie who've given us some helpful hints...

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7. The perfect thing for tuning into special vibrations

This is surely the very same tuning fork David Suchet’s mysterious “Landlord” is holding in this picture.

8. Retro weaponry for a disco era returning foe

Could it be?!? Are classic Doctor Who monsters – and enemies of the Daleks – the Movellans returning? It would seem so.

9. A snoozing emoji, but is there anything to smile about?

So, about those emoji monsters…

10. Steampunk chic or bygone tech?

We have absolutely no idea, but it sure does look like a helmet fit for an Ood, don’cha think?

Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie and Steven Moffat are all set to appear at the Radio Times Television Festival from April 7th to 9th

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11. Roman artefacts or something more?

We’ve spied the Doctor hanging around with Romans in the latest trailer for series 10. It’s doubtful he’s caught up with Rory Pond again, so this could well be yet another hint that the Time Lord will meet the real-life missing Ninth Legion, said to have disappeared in Scotland in the 2nd century.

12. The shape 
of surroundings

Will Bill and the Doctor visit the Bermuda Triangle? Your guess is as good as (but probably better) than ours.

13. Bonus clue! Set a course…

Scientists believe it would take us approximately 4.367 lightyears to reach Alpha Centauri, the closest star system to our own Solar System. And the Doctor has met some of the natives before in classic series episodes The Curse of Peladon and The Monster of Peladon.

Alpha Centauri in the classic series

On Peladon the Doctor met Alpha Centauri, a a hermaphrodite hexapod (try saying that over and over) who served as his people’s ambassador to the Galactic Federation.

Alpha Centauri – or one of its fellow Alpha Centaurans – in series 10?

Could his home planet have a role to play in series 10?

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