Mary Berry Everyday viewers were confused by the appearance of Bake Off queen’s “clone” Shirley

"They have cloned Mary Berry! Get away from her, fake Mary!"


Mary Berry and her best friend are clearly so close that they share the same wardrobe, the same make-up, and even the same distinctive haircut. 


The former Great British Bake Off host invited her pal Shirley Nightingale onto her BBC show Mary Berry Everyday, and there was a striking resemblance between the two ladies.

In fact, some viewers even thought they were sisters – or clones – or actually the same person.

Shirley visited Mary in her kitchen to help her celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary by putting together some old-fashioned canapés, including the once-fashionable tinned asparagus wrapped in brown bread and butter. 

But one fan had an intriguing suggestion: what if Mary and Shirley were to become a proper TV double act? 


Mary Berry’s Everyday airs on Mondays on BBC2 at 8.30pm