Emmerdale: Ashley’s home video will lead to Emma’s downfall?

Will the hidden footage be coming to light?


Emmerdale is revisit the previously unresolved storyline that saw evil Emma Barton fool ailing Ashley Thomas into forgetting her part in the soap’s multi-car pile-up.


As viewers saw, Emma was caught on camera trying to dislodge Ashley’s memory of her standing on the road bridge as James Barton fell to his death.

The trouble was that the camera was subsequently damaged – all of which meant that Emma managed to evade capture.

Now, though, show boss Iain MacLeod has hinted that the incriminatory footage could come to be viewed, calling its existence “an unexploded bomb”.

Speaking today, the producer said: “We were so thrilled with ourselves that we came up with that device at the time. Normally in soap, you get about a year into a murder mystery and you realise that you need to invent some evidence, meaning you have to retcon its existence back into the show.

“But we very deliberately put that in there as an unexploded bomb. It will prove to be significant.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.

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