EastEnders: the police stop Michelle from leaving – here’s what happens next

Michelle looks set to be charged following last week's chip-shop smash-up


Michelle Fowler’s life has gone from bad to worse on tonight’s EastEnders after the police confiscated her passport and prevented her from leaving the UK.


Beleaguered Michelle had been hoping to fly back to Florida, but after giving her statement, she discovered that she could be charged with dangerous driving and driving whilst unfit through drugs after sleeping pills were found in her system.

Now, following another bust-up with Sharon, Michelle is cutting a lonelier figure than ever before, despite her best mate’s assurances that she’s better off without American toy boy lover Preston.

Next week’s episodes see Michelle and Sharon’s friendship still in a rocky state: for a while it looks as though they could be settling their differences after a more positive Michelle confides in Sharon about a job she’s applied for. But Michelle looks set to cross the line with Sharon following a fresh run-in with Martin and Bex.

By Thursday 13 April, Michelle is once again having to apologise to Sharon for her behaviour and – with it being the anniversary of Mark’s death – she’s also trying to reach out to Martin. 

And yet despite Michelle being contrite for all that’s happened, a fuming Martin still refuses to forgive his sister. Can anything heal the wounds between them?


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