Coronation Street: is Johnny Connor seriously ill?

Kate has suspicions about her dad's health in next week's episodes


Johnny Connor’s actions will become a cause for concern in next week’s Coronation Street – is the factory boss ill?


The Underworld manager will first arouse suspicion when he and Jenny meet with Michelle to talk wedding plans. 

Johnny’s not himself and Michelle’s worried – but after she reads his discomfort as wedding nerves, Michelle is accused by Jenny of trying to sabotage the nuptials and ends up getting the sack.

As the week progresses, Jenny remains oblivious to how flustered Johnny is getting. However, as Kate watches him struggle while attempting to proofread invitations, she can tell that something is wrong.

By Friday, Johnny will be seen stumbling on the cobbles after he leaves the Rovers. Kate’s convinced that he’s drinking too much, but Johnny’s brush-off leaves her feeling perturbed, especially when she discovers that he was on soft drinks.

Could Johnny be hiding an illness from his family? And what might this mean for his forthcoming wedding to Jenny? 

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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