New trailer for The Mummy fills in the movie’s backstory – and it’s pretty terrifying

Second trailer reveals the story behind the Ancient Egyptian mummy of Ahmanet


In the new trailer for The Mummy, Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) is miraculously alive after a deadly plane crash – and only Russell Crowe knows why.


“You are alive because you were chosen. By evil. The ultimate evil,” warns Crowe’s character, curiously named Dr Henry Jekyll.

Where the first trailer for The Mummy showed off some impressive stunt work, the second trailer fills in the background for this 2017 reboot.

Nick discovers the Mummy’s tomb while struggling to run away from enemy gunfire. While Jenny (Annabelle Wallis) has a bad feeling about this and points out that it’s set up as a prison (keeping something in rather than keeping people out), Nick goes ahead and ignores her because of course he does.

Oops! He’s awakened Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella), a “being of unimaginable powers” who was set to become Queen of Egypt until her thirst for power led to her downfall.

She was buried alive, but now she’s back (thanks for that one, Nick). As she strides through central London exploding windows and unleashing horrors, it looks like she may come very close to succeeding in her evil mission – but can Nick escape Ahmanet and undo the damage he has done?


The Mummy will be released in UK cinemas on 9th June 2017