Neighbours: Sonya and Mark share a romantic moment – plus a familiar face returns

10-14 April 2017: And David and Leo receive some good advice


Next week’s drama on Neighbours revealed:


Monday 10 April

Sonya tells Toadie to stay out of her life, but he is desperate to win her back. Mark admits to Tyler that he is confused about his feelings for Sonya, and receives some well-meaning advice that he may find difficult to accept. Paige is acting strangely and is rushed into hospital by Piper. She is given the all-clear, but what about the baby? 

Tuesday 11 April

Sonya is finding it hard to cope and succumbs to temptation when she sees some bottles of wine left over from the wake. After an incident at the Backpackers, Terese lays down the law to Piper. Susan and Elly are pleasantly surprised by Finn’s behaviour at school, but it seems that Finn may be up to something. 

Wednesday 12 April

Sonya wakes up with a terrible hangover and no recollection of what she may have done the previous evening. Piper is accompanying Paige for a check-up at the hospital, when she sees the familiar face of Brooke Butler. Paige decides that she owes Piper a debt and makes her an irresistible offer. 

Thursday 13 April

Amy and Leo’s relationship hits a bump. Brooke is determined to make amends with the victims of her scam, but whether forgive- ness will be forthcoming remains to be seen. Her return has unsettled Terese, who seeks a shoulder to cry on and finds sympathy from a totally unexpected source. 


Friday 14 April

David is getting to know his new dad, who inspires him to take a major step forward with his life. Amy distracts herself from her relationship woes by helping Jack out at the church. Elly gives Leo some sound advice that may prove life-changing—if he acts on it.