EastEnders: Kush and Denise face more opposition – can they win Carmel round?

An upset Carmel flees the Square next week


Kush and Denise will find that an upset Carmel has left Walford in next week’s EastEnders. 


The market inspector has already voiced opposition to her son’s relationship – and Monday’s episode of the soap will have seen her flee to stay with a friend for a few days.


But Carmel won’t be gone for long – by Thursday, she’s returned to Albert Square, but is still far from happy about Kush and Denise’s actions.

With the atmosphere very frosty, it’s left to a concerned Derek to come up with an idea that he hopes will build bridges.

But Denise soon realises it’s going to take a lot more than Derek’s plan to get back into Carmel’s good books. Can she succeed in her mission to make up with her best friend?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.

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