Hollyoaks: Ste confesses to killing Amy Barnes!

Will Ste now face a life behind bars?


Ste Hay has admitted to the murder of Amy Barnes in tonight’s E4 episode of Hollyoaks.


Viewers saw Ste (Kieron Richardson) recap the events of the night of Amy’s death to Diane (Alex Fletcher), Tony (Nick Pickard) and Harry (Parry Glasspool), only for the police to then arrive to arrest Ste and Harry.

Ste, Harry and Diane were questioned by DS Armstrong separately and while Harry stuck to his alibi, Diane cracked under pressure and revealed that Ste was in fact in Amy’s flat the night she was murdered.

Later, Harry was charged for his false alibi but was still determined to help Ste. James reluctantly agreesd to represent Ste after being persuaded by Harry, but DS Armstrong was putting up a strong fight to get Ste to admit to Amy’s death. His interrogation worked when Ste’s flashbacks pieced together in his mind and he admitted to killing her.

Meanwhile, Mercedes and Scott headed to The Bean to meet wiglover72 who wanted to buy James’ stolen court wig. However, when they arrived they quickly grasped that it was in fact James Nightingale who was the mysterious bidder and they were caught red handed in the act.

James thought he had them both in the palm of his hand but when Mercedes uncovered that they also had the audition tapes of James, he was left to think of a new plan.


So could Ste have just given himself a life behind bars and will James Nightingale ever be able to win a war with Mercedes McQueen?