This honest trailer for Fantastic Beasts is harsh but fair

The Harry Potter spin-off gets a mighty skewering in a new video


Harry Potter spin-off prequel Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them had a slightly mixed reception when it was released last year, with fans loving its brilliantly designed setting and magical creatures but less keen on parts of its storyline and casting (Hi, Johnny Depp).


And now you can see every one of those flaws picked over in excruciating detail, in a new Honest Trailer for the magical movie that points out the many odd things featured in Newt Scamander’s American adventure. 

Such weird moments include “state-sponsored murder Jacuzzis,” Eddie Redmayne’s insistence on “whisper-mumbling” all his roles and the fact that all the actors are still British despite the film being set in the US, although good points – including actor Dan Fogler’s expressive “Pilsbury Oh-Face” – get their fair due as well.

Still, in the end the trailer hits the nail on the head for the many Potter fans who saw the film in the cinemas, and will continue to do so for all four sequels. Sure, it’s not perfect – but it’s better than a completely Potterless future.

“Get ready for a five-part prequel that…isn’t off to the best start. But who cares man? Us Potterheads need a fix.”


Truer words were never spoken.