Coronation Street: Amy revealed to be in cahoots with Adam following attack on Ken!

Are the pair covering up their own guilt?


Adam and Amy Barlow were acting very suspicious on tonight’s Coronation Street, fuelling speculation that they could be the ones responsible for the attack on Ken.


As Corrie fans saw, Adam is lying about having just flown in from Canada – viewers, in fact, saw him skulking around Number One at the time of the attempt on Ken’s life.

But a further twist came this evening when Amy and Adam found a quiet corner of the hospital in which to discuss their recent whereabouts.


Amy demanded to know whether Adam had entered Number One to collect cash that she’d left for him. Adam then denied he was there and insisted that Amy delete all messages between them and tell nobody of their arrangement.

But with an attempted murder investigation having now been launched, it’s likely that Adam’s movements will come under increased scrutiny. Certainly, by next week, he’s blackmailing Rosie into providing him with a false alibi for the night in question.

But does he have something to feel guilty about? And is Amy also on borrowed time?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.

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