Coronation Street wildcard suspects: was it Amy, Chloe, Rob, Eccles or Denise that pushed Ken Barlow?

Should we be adding these names to the list of possible culprits?


OK, soap whodunnit fans: who do you think tried to bump off Ken Barlow on Coronation Street?


So far, the ITV soap has told us that six suspects are in the frame, naming Adam Barlow, Peter Barlow, Tracy Barlow, Daniel Osbourne, Sinead Tinker and Pat Phelan as potential culprits.

But do we think we’re being told the whole story? Surely there are a few others who have been cunningly missed off the list?

For starters, Amy was looking very guilty as Ken was taken away to hospital. Stage fright at the recital? Pull the other one, Amy love.

Oh – and perhaps we shouldn’t discount Ken having merely tripped over Eccles the dog? There was an Agatha Christie novel called Dumb Witness where a fox terrier called Bob came under suspicion. So why not have a guilty pet dog on Corrie?

Then there’s crazy Chloe, who seems hellbent on causing Peter as much misery as possible. Perhaps she wants to get Peter in trouble with the police by setting him up for murder?

True soap fans should also always be considering possible comebacks: what’s to say that Daniel’s mum Denise hasn’t made a sudden reappearance and got into a near-fatal argument with Ken?

Or perhaps Rob Donovan (rumoured to be making a return) has snuck into Number One and had a calamitous showdown?

Of course, you could go for a rank outsider like Emily Bishop, who could have finally returned from Peru only to momentarily forget at which house she lives? Or maybe young Seb (conveniently missing in action today) has lost his temper yet again?

Let the sleuthing begin!

You can watch our special Who Pushed Ken? video below.


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