Rowan Atkinson is bringing back Mr Bean!

But only for a Chinese movie cameo, sorry


Rowan Atkinson has reprised his role as Mr Bean for a new Chinese movie, the gloriously titled Top Funny Comedian.


Mr Bean – or Mr Foolish Bean as he is known in China – will appear in the film which follows a group of people who head to Macau, China’s gambling capital, and then get lost. The film is already being compared to The Hangover, especially since Mike Tyson pops his head in at one point, too.

Top Funny Comedian is expected to be a hit in China, where Mr Foolish Bean’s slapstick routine is very popular. Atkinson’s 2007 film Mr Bean’s Holiday grossed more than £2.4 million over there.

While Atkinson doesn’t speak Mandarin, his co-star Guo Degang said he communicated with the rest of the cast using facial expressions and gestures, according to The Beijinger. Classic Bean.

Here’s the trailer for Top Funny Comedian, where you can see Mr Foolish Bean in action.


It’s unlikely that the film will get a release in the UK, but you can next see Rowan Atkinson reprising his role from Love Actually in the new ten-minute sequel airing during Red Nose Day.