Hollyoaks: Harry finds out about Ste and John Paul’s night together – and chaos ensues!

"It’s Ste’s turn to be found out and Harry is back with a vengeance," says Parry Glasspool


Harry and Ste look to be headed for a split in an upcoming episode of Hollyoaks thanks to a wedding day brawl.


The pair look set to come to blows after Harry finds out about the night that Ste and John Paul rekindled their flame and spent the night together.

The truth will be revealed at Amy and Ryan’s wedding reception when Harry overhears a incriminatory conversation between James and Scott.

Flying off the handle, Harry ends up confronting Ste in front of everybody, Although Ste tries to take the argument outside, Harry is having none of it – and that’s when things really start to get out of hand.


Parry Glasspool, who plays Harry, says of the shock scenes: “It’s never nice for anyone to find out they’ve been cheated on so it definitely doesn’t sit well with Harry. 


“John Paul has run off to Spain so he doesn’t have to face the consequences. But now it’s Ste’s turn to be found out and Harry is back with a vengeance.”