Hollyoaks: Haiesha Mistry to play newcomer Yasmine

She'll be causing trouble at Hollyoaks High


There’ll be a new arrival at Hollyoaks High this April as actress Haiesha Mistry makes her debut as cool teen Yasmine.


Yasmine will initially be seen causing a stir with Peri when she begins posting about the Lomaxes online. But Peri will then decide to play Yasmine at her own game.

The C4 soap is the actress’s first TV credit, with her previous acting experience coming in the form of stage roles in the likes of Climate of Fear, Mr and Mrs Khan, Michael Rosen’s Bear Hunt Chocolate Cake and Bad Things Interactive Experience.

Speaking today about her arrival, Mistry said: “I’m so excited to be joining Hollyoaks as this is my first television credit.

“I’m looking forward to portraying my new character Yasmine (or Yas to her mates) as she’s loud and flamboyant. She swaggers through school acting like the coolest of the cool kids – but it’s all just bravado.


“I also love working alongside side the amazing cast and crew at Hollyoaks.”