Coronation Street: Sinead lies to Daniel about her abortion – here’s what happens next

Will the truth about Sinead's termination end up coming out?


Coronation Street’s Sinead Tinker has lied about her abortion and told boyfriend Daniel that she had a miscarriage.


Having had a secret termination, Sinead opted not to tell the truth, deciding instead to pretend that she’d “lost” their baby.

A grief-stricken Daniel was left distraught, especially when Sinead said that the end of her pregnancy meant that he was now free to leave for Oxford.


Daniel, though, is still in Weatherfield on Monday and will be seen suggesting that Sinead see a doctor, only for her to avoid the topic by hurrying out of the house.

Later on, Daniel confides in Ken that Sinead has had a miscarriage and that he feels partly to blame because of all the stress he’s caused. Knowing that he too caused Sinead a great deal of anguish, Ken tries to mask his guilt. But will the truth end up coming out?


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