First look at dramatic Holby City trailer teasing Isaac and Dom’s escalating abuse storyline

“Love takes a dark turn” in upcoming episodes


Fans of Holby City have watched in horror as Dr Dominic Copeland has been subjected to emotional manipulation by his partner Isaac Mayfield in recent weeks. A brand new trailer, which you can watch below, teases what lies in store for the couple in upcoming episodes, and things look set to get even more disturbing.


We see Dom, played by actor David Ames, being thrown violently to the floor. We also see him examining his bruises and covering up what looks like a black eye with make-up.

Meanwhile his partner Isaac, in a sinister tone, tells him: “When I met you, you were broken. I fixed you”.

We also see Dom trying to justify the situation to colleague Zosia, claiming that his relationship is simply “intense” and full of “passion”. She counters that it’s “abuse” and “control”.

What is Isaac capable of? And just how far will things go before Dom realises the danger he’s in?


Holby City continues next Tuesday 28 March at 8pm.