Emmerdale: agony for Laurel as Ashley takes a turn for the worse

Laurel vows to keep fighting for her husband in heartbreaking scenes next week


Have your hankies at the ready for next week’s Emmerdale as Ashley suffers a setback with his health and Laurel struggles to cope. 


The week begins on a positive note, as Laurel visits her husband in the care home and they dance together. It’s a beautiful, sweet moment between the pair as they lose themselves in the music, but the reality of Ashley’s worsening condition soon sadly brings them back down to earth. 


When Arthur falls ill Laurel worries he’s not well enough to visit his ailing father and doesn’t want to risk Ashley being exposed to any bugs. Desperate to see his dad, Arthur insists he’s fine but it’s clear he’s not being truthful and on Wednesday he throws up at the care home…  


In Thursday’s episode Bob is with Ashley at the care home and the old friends are having fun – until Ashley suddenly has a violent coughing fit and sees blood on his hands…

What’s wrong with Ashley? How will Laurel react when she finds out about his latest health crisis? And will Arthur blame himself? 


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