Coronation Street: big week in store for the Barlows – will Peter go back to the booze?

Expect fireworks as Ken clashes with his unruly brood in a massive week of episodes


Coronation Street has revealed a huge week is in store for the Barlows as tensions rise and tempers flare, leading to fireworks for Weatherfield’s feuding first family that could threaten their future.


Patriarch Ken has clashed with his dysfunctional dynasty in recent weeks, falling out with each of his relatives one by one. In next Monday’s episode Peter is devastated by his father’s false accusations of cheating and drinking and desperately tries to explain that Ken was reeled in by deluded stalker Chloe. But girlfriend Toyah chooses to believe the worst and leaves Peter to try again with ex-husband Toby. Blaming Ken for ruining his life, dejected Peter swipes a bottle of whisky from the Rovers and contemplates taking a swig… Will Ken’s actions push Peter off the wagon?

Elsewhere, Ken’s estranged son Daniel is distraught after girlfriend Sinead loses their baby. But how would he feel if he knew Ken had told Sinead she was no good for Daniel and was preventing him for pursuing a bright academic future by trapping him with a child? Discovering the tragic news of the miscarriage, Ken masks his guilt at his harsh words to his son’s other half and prays Daniel doesn’t find out about his meddling.

Tracy’s also causing Ken no end of grief (no change there, then), but this time she might be justified. Horrified at overhearing Ken tell Sinead he wasted his life being tied down with Deirdre, Tracy accuses her adopted dad of favouring his biological family over her and Amy.

And talking of Amy, she’s also acting strangely as the Barlow barneys escalate: when she slips out of her violin recital at the community centre panicked Tracy and Luke search for her, eventually tracking her down in the ginnel – but not before Amy is seen sending a message to somebody arranging to leave some cash hidden at No.1… what is Tracy’s daughter up to? And does it have anything to do with black sheep Adam who returns to the Street? The last viewers saw of him, Ken had cast his bad boy grandson out of the family and ordered him to leave the country following a botched drugs deal, but next Monday he’s spotted skulking around the cobbles…

With everyone’s patience pushed to the limit, the beleaguered Barlows are set to buckle as family tensions old and new come to a head, scores are settled, and someone cracks under the pressure…


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