EastEnders: decision time for Denise and Kush next week

Will they? Won't they? Should they?


There’s more curtailed flirting for Denise and Kush in next week’s EastEnders, but one half of the couple wants to know once and for all where they stand. Is it on or off?


On Monday, Kush offers Denise support after a disappointing turnout for the latest community meeting. It looks like the almost-but-not-quite couple could be getting cosy again until Carmel shows up and kills the mood (if anything’s going to cramp a guy’s style it’s having your mum hang about as you make your move).

The next day, Dee tells Kush she thinks it would best if they remained just pals. When Kushy suggests they go for a drink at The Albert, is it to toast their platonic relationship or is he hoping to persuade her they could be more than mates?

Agreeing to the drink, Ms Fox is taken aback when frustrated Kush soon makes his feelings clear and lays it on the line to Denise, telling her she has to make a decision about what’s going on between them and whether they have a romantic future…

What will Denise decide? After all this back and forth, we somehow doubt this will be the last word in the Denise and Kush saga…


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