Coronation Street: Seb is arrested for assaulting Jackson – here’s what happens next

Will Faye now stay away from Seb?


Vicious Seb Franklin has landed himself in big trouble on tonight’s Coronation Street after being arrested on suspicion of assault.


Scenes broadcast this evening saw Seb lash out and attack Jackson Hodge, warning him to keep young Miley away from Faye.

But when Craig found Jackson with a bloody nose, it wasn’t long before the police were called and Seb was led off in handcuffs.

Anna – already suspicious of her daughter’s relationship – then banned Faye from seeing Seb again.

Friday’s episode of Corrie will now see Anna making it plain to Seb that he’s to stay away. But interference looks set to come in the form of Rosie Webster who – thinking she’s doing a good turn – resolves to get Faye and Seb back together.

So, will Rosie succeed? And is Faye heading down a dangerous path in trying to stay involved with the volatile Seb?


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