Tamsin Greig pulls over during her Top Gear lap to give Chris Harris a talking to

She wasn’t too impressed with his “wave of anger”…


Top Gear’s Chris Harris has faced a bit of flack from fans over the past few weeks for getting narky with the star guests while going around the test track.


However on tonight’s episode, Tamsin Greig wasn’t going to stand for his shouting.

After Harris began barking instructions at the Episodes star for going too slowly, she actually took the unusual step of pulling the car over at Hammerhead.

“Erm, I’m really glad you’re here,” she calmly explained to the presenter. “You’re very helpful in many ways but I’m feeling a kind of a wave of anger coming from you, and I’m just interested in what that’s all about.”


A rather sheepish Harris said: “I’m angry because we’re trying to go fast and we’re not going fast yet. I just want to go fast.”

“You’re a teacher,” Greig replied. “If you get angry when I can’t quite do what you’re asking me to do that’s going to reflect badly on you, not on me. So I think you just need to calm down. Or we can just start by saying please…and or thank you.”

Following the heart-to-heart, the pair had a far more civilised lap around the track. Well, until the very end when they crossed the finish line and Greig told Harris to “get out the f**king car”.

We *think* she was joking…


Top Gear continues next Sunday at 8pm on BBC2.