‘Fairy liquid?’ Matt LeBlanc is challenged to name a brand of toilet cleaner on Top Gear…and fails miserably

You can take the actor out of Hollywood...


Matt LeBlanc might be spending weeks on end in Surrey filming Top Gear, but that doesn’t mean he’s lost touch with Hollywood.


The actor and presenter was asked a question on tonight’s episode of the BBC2 motoring show that’s usually reserved for MPs being challenged by Andrew Marr.

An interview with guest Tamsin Greig went off on a weird tangent about household cleaning products after the Episodes star said that she thought a car called Alpine sounded like a brand of toilet cleaner.

When Matt was challenged by Greig as well as fellow hosts Rory Reid and Chris Harris about whether he buys his own household cleaning products, LeBlanc looked rather baffled as he was hounded by questions.

“Does he look like a man who buys his own toilet cleaner?”, “Do you go to the shops and buy toilet cleaner?”, “Name one brand of toilet cleaner…” Feeling under strain, he panicked.

“Fairy liquid! Fairy liquid!” he shouted as the three others fell about laughing. He couldn’t come up with anything better than that despite being under interrogation, but Matt’s knowledge of domestic bathroom cleaning was perhaps more advanced than you’d expect.

He might not have been able to name a brand, but he did say that what he was thinking of had “the funny neck on it so you can get under the rim”.

We bet Matt had no idea this was the sort of chat he was letting himself in for when he signed up to present a motoring show.


Top Gear continues next Sunday at 8pm on BBC2.