What time is Mrs Brown’s Boys on TV?

Everything you need to know about when Agnes is next on the box


What time is Mrs Brown’s Boys on TV?


Mrs Brown’s Boys is next on TV 9.30pm Saturday 18th March, BBC1

Is it a new episode

Unfortunately not, it’s a repeat of the second series episode Mammy Pulls It Off. 

What’s going to happen?

The Browns await the fruits of their fraud after faking Grandad’s death to get a payout, but the insurance company starts to grow suspicious. Agnes struggles to keep him out of sight, as she has promised the money to Dermot and Maria, who are desperate to get a place of their own.

Is it any good?

Well, Mrs Brown’s Boys was voted best sitcom of the 21st century by Radio Times readers.

How are the cast of Mrs Brown’s Boys related?

When casting the Brown family, Mrs Brown’s Boys creator Brendan O’Carroll didn’t need to look far. In fact, he didn’t have to look beyond his own living room. The show is a real family affair. Find out Agnes’ family tree here

Ever wondered what Mrs Brown looks like in real life?


Well, look no further: