Dan Stevens and Luke Evans dodge the LA traffic in James Corden’s “dangerous” Beauty and the Beast remake

Be our guest, be our guest, put your car horns to the test


The motorists of Los Angeles are a tough crowd – but dedicated performers James Corden, Dan Stevens, Josh Gad and Luke Evans were determined to impress them with the most dangerous performance of Beauty and the Beast yet.  


Billed as Crosswalk the Musical, this was the Late Late Show’s innovative take on the beloved Disney classic, performed to an audience of bemused commuters waiting at a red light. 

Sure, Dan Stevens may have had his doubts about playing the Beast without getting run over. But once he’d had a dance and a kiss with James Corden (Belle, of course), he was absolutely buzzing. “That was the most invigorating thing I’ve ever done, across that road and on the other side was everything I love about theatre. And a gas station,” he said, breathlessly.

Luke Evans required no persuading to take on the part of Gaston, while Josh Gad was happy to transform into Lumière.

Who needs a role in a Hollywood blockbuster? The real thrill is in performing to an audience of Uber drivers. 


Beauty and the Beast will be released in UK cinemas tomorrow, 17th March