Linda Carter made a brief return to EastEnders – but Mick now feels abandoned again

Kellie Bright made a special one-off appearance during tonight's episode of the BBC1 soap


Mick Carter has been left feeling rejected in the wake of wife Linda’s temporary return during tonight’s EastEnders.


For a while, it looked as though Linda (Kellie Bright) was going to be sticking around after finding out about the various crises to have hit the Carter clan.

After learning all about the family’s financial woes, Shirley’s imprisonment and Lee’s departure following his ill treatment of Whitney, Linda decided that her place was at Mick’s side.


But after making preliminary plans for an ailing Elaine to receive care in sheltered accommodation, Linda was convinced by Whitney to return to her mum.


Whitney’s argument was that Mick wouldn’t want Elaine on his conscience too should anything happen to her in Linda’s absence. But as Linda left Walford once again, Mick was seen raging on the roof of the Vic, revealing to Whitney that he now felt abandoned.

Fans will now inevitably start to speculate that Mick is bound to turn to Whitney for support – a dangerous course of action, what with the spark of attraction that now exists between the two of them.


With many viewers hoping that Mick doesn’t go down the well-worn soap path of having an extra-marital affair, EastEnders devotees will be hoping that Elaine makes a good recovery and that Linda can return permanently to the Square sooner than expected.

In real life, of course, Kellie Bright has been on maternity leave following the birth of her second child Gene and is expected to resume full-time filming on EastEnders in June. But will Linda find that her husband has strayed in the time she’s been away? Here’s hoping not!

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