Who is Paul Nicholas? Meet the cast of The Real Marigold Hotel series two

The theatre and EastEnders actor tells RadioTimes.com about overcoming his fears to travel to India


Name: Paul Nicholas
Age: 72
Famous, why? A musician and actor who most recently played evil Gavin Sullivan on EastEnders
Biography: Starting out his career as a musician, Paul turned to acting and starred in films like See No Evil and Stardust. He had a short-lived pop career (one of his singles got to number 1 in the chart in New Zealand) before returning to acting in Just Good Friends – his most famous role.
Paul says: “I had no idea what it would be like. I’d never had any real desire to go to India. I was a bit worried about being bitten, I was a bit worried about getting maybe a bit sick and I’d never spent any time in that kind of situation with seven other people in quite close contact. But actually like most things in life your fears are never as bad as they turn out to be. It was a nice experience. I wouldn’t move out there without a job – you have to work. I don’t know what retire means – that’s the thing that keeps you alive and youngish. You’ve got to keep moving.”


Then… Appearing in an episode of Just Good Friends

Now… Discussing his EastEnders villain Gavin Sullivan on This Morning


The Real Marigold Hotel series two starts on Wednesday at 9pm on BBC1