Who is Lionel Blair? Meet the cast of The Real Marigold Hotel series two

The entertainer first found fame on variety shows and is known to younger generations for wearing PVC on Celebrity Big Brother


Name: Lionel Blair
Age: 88
Famous, why? Being a choreographer and dancer. And wearing PVC on Celebrity Big Brother.
Biography: After first finding fame on TV variety shows in the 1960s, choreographer and dancer Lional Blair has become most famous in recent years for reality TV like The Farm and CBB.
Lionel says: “I signed up for this show because of the show that I saw before – I thought if Wayne Sleep can do it, I can do it! And also what a chance of seeing that part of the world… The other series have gone to America and Japan, I’m hoping they’re going to ask us to do another.


“What I found interesting is how I went from hating it to absolutely loving it, but at first it was a culture shock. I couldn’t believe it. But what an opportunity, to see a part of the world I don’t think I’ve ever seen. When we left the show, this elderly English couple walked in and they said ‘We saw the last series of the Marigold!’ and they loved it so much that they moved there.”

Then… On stage with Sammy Davis Jr at the Royal Variety Performance

Now… Appearing on Loose Women to mark his 88th birthday


The Real Marigold Hotel series two starts on Wednesday at 9pm on BBC1