Who is Amanda Barrie? Meet the cast of The Real Marigold Hotel series two

The former Coronation Street actress tells RadioTimes.com about how Jennie Murray and The Archers helped her live in India


Name: Amanda Barrie


Age: 81
Famous, why? Actress who played legendary Alma Sedgewick on Coronation Street.
Biography: After starring in Carry On Cabby and Carry On Cleo, in which she played the title role, Amanda was in Coronation Street for 20 years before her character, Alma, was killed off in 2001. She’s since appeared in Bad Girls and plays Psychic Sue in Benidorm. 
Amanda says: “I’m not and never have been the greatest traveller – ever. I don’t like flying, don’t like travelling. So having gone to India and gritted my teeth, when I came back I went off and did a television series in Tel Aviv. I suddenly went ‘so where am I going next?’. It changed my head.

“What I found extraordinary about the whole place was that there was a shining goodwill and warmth coming from everyone, but I missed everything from the UK. What really helped me more than anything else is that I had my iPad with me and I spent most of the time in India in bed with Jennie Murray. I managed to get Jennie Murray on Radio 4 and I got the omnibus of The Archers!”

Then… As Alma Sedgewick in her Coronation Street days

Now… Describing her wedding to novelist Hilary Bonner on Lorraine


The Real Marigold Hotel series two starts on Wednesday at 9pm on BBC1