Emmerdale: jailed Aaron gets news on his appeal next week

Chas and Robert are worried about the state of Mr Dingle, but could he be out soon?


There could be light at the end of the tunnel for Robron fans in Emmerdale next week when Aaron Dingle gets news on his appeal. Will he be released sooner rather than later?


Life behind bars has been a nightmare for Aaron, who was given 12 months for assault and soon fell into a cycle of violence and drug use, becoming the victim of homophobic abuse at the hands of bullying top dog Jason. 

Visiting Aaron in prison in next Monday’s episode, mum Chas and husband Robert are shocked at the state of him, but the troubled lad insists he’s off the drugs.

Discussing the news regarding the appeal, Robert prepares to be honest with Aaron about his antics on the outside while his other half has been locked up, but will be able to go through with it? And have Aaron’s appeal efforts been successful?  

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