EastEnders: Michelle’s blackmail hell pushes Preston back to Bex

Dennis ups the ante next week, will 'Chelle crack under the pressure?


Michelle Fowler’s blackmail from devil child Dennis Rickman continues next week on EastEnders, putting more pressure on her and Preston’s forbidden fling.


Cheeky Dennis has been threatening to reveal Michelle’s toy boy secret since he caught them getting hot and heavy in the living room, putting hard-as-nail’s Miss Fowler in the unlikely position of being tormented by a ten-year old. Begging the kid to go easy on her so he doesn’t arouse suspicion, ‘Chelle thinks she’s got through to him – but then he spots her credit card and another plan starts to form… 

Having been separated from her American boy for a few weeks, lovesick Michelle almost manages a smile when Preston returns to the Square next Tuesday and the illicit lovers spend some time together. But after some disappointing news puts Michelle in a bad mood (is she ever in a good mood?) the romantic interlude is ruined and Preston storms off, turning his attentions to Bex, yet again using the vulnerable teen as his back-up booty call. 

On Thursday, Michelle and Preston have another attempt at getting some alone time when Preston convinces his cougar crush to leave Dennis home alone so they can have a meal out. But with the pressure building and Dennis’s demands threatening to escalate, will the evening go to plan?   


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