David Tennant causes huge dent while appearing as Top Gear’s Star in a Reasonably Fast Car

… and he wasn’t the only one to have an accident in the second episode, either


David Tennant certainly made his Top Gear comeback with a, um, bang when he put a huge dent in a car during while driving on the show.


In only the second week of the programme, the former Doctor Who star and Broadchurch actor caused some severe damage to the side of the Toyota GT86 while taking part in the Star in a Reasonably Fast Car celebrity lap.

After doing a test lap with Chris Harris in the passenger seat, off-camera David decided to get in a bit of extra practice… which proved to be something of a mistake.

Proudly posing next to the big dent, Tennant – who was appearing on the show for the first time in 10 years – revealed that he had driven into one of the large foam sides on the track that indicate when to turn left on the track at Dunsfold Aerodrome.

He had a rather lax attitude towards the car damage, as he also revealed he’s happy to scrape his car a little to get into parking spaces and said that with his current car, there’s a panel that “flaps out at the back” when he drives too fast. “But you can kick it back in,” he said. “And it does for about a week each time.”

David wasn’t the only one to do damage to a car during the second episode of the BBC2 show, though.

In a film about the new Alfa Romeo Giulia, Chris Harris confidently thought that he could drift it through a hole in a wall that was of a similar shape and size of the Giulia.

However, he was wrong. The first time he attempted the tricky manoeuvre it didn’t exactly go to plan; instead of seamlessly gliding through the gap, the car smashed into the foamy wall and the windscreen was severely damaged.

Such was the impact that the glass has to be taped up before his next attempt…and his next…and his next. Finally, after four attempts at the challenge, Chris managed to drift his car through the wall.


Top Gear continues next Sunday at 8pm on BBC2