The A to Z of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

As Buffy and co celebrate their 20th birthday, Paul Jones lays down the letters of the lore

F is for Faith – a loose cannon of a Slayer, the yin to Buffy’s yang, whose dark side goes into overdrive when she accidentally kills a human. After being rehabilitated by Angel, Faith (Eliza Dushku) returns to Sunnydale to help Buffy lead her band of Potential Slayers (see P) against the Turok-Han hordes (see U).


G is for Giles – Buffy’s Watcher Rupert Giles (rarely referred to by his first name but known to pals from his native England as “Ripper”), the father figure of the “Scooby Gang”. Giles (Anthony Head) is the librarian at Sunnydale High, an expert in ancient magical tomes and Buffy’s mentor and trainer, who first reveals her Slayer destiny and teaches her to kick demon ass.

H is for Hellmouth – as in “Don’t open the Hellmouth!” Sunnydale High School is built on one, which explains all the weird supernatural stuff that goes on around town. It’s a gateway to demon dimensions and a nexus of supernatural energy – and not the good kind.

I is for The Initiative – a top-secret government organisation located beneath the Sunnydale college campus which captures and studies vampires and demons for military purposes. The Initiative implanted a microchip in Spike’s (see S) head which prevented him from harming humans and unleashed half-demon creation Adam on the world. Buffy’s one-time (non-vamp!) boyfriend Riley Finn is a member of The Initiative.


J is for Jinx – obsequious, scabby demon servant of exiled god Glory (aka “the great and wonderful Glorificus”) who aims to help her return to her hell dimension and, you know, unleash hell on earth.