Coronation Street: Ken sends Adam back to Canada

After taking a beating from a drug dealer, Adam was told to leave town - by his own grandad!


Ken Barlow has thrown Adam out of the family home in tonight’s Coronation Street over fears that he poses a danger to both Tracy and Amy.


This evening’s cliffhanger scenes saw Ken brand his grandson “a chancer” before giving him enough money for air fare back to Canada.

An angry Adam then accused Ken of hating him solely for being Mike Baldwin’s son, despite the Barlow patriarch claiming that genes had nothing to do with his actions.


Instead, Ken said that it was Adam’s reckless association with local drug dealer Ronan that had forced his hand – arguing that the beating his grandson had received could well have led to Tracy and Amy being caught up in the violence.

Ken was also annoyed with Adam for lying about problems he’d experienced in Canada, having been in the dark about an addiction to prescription medication that had resulted in Adam losing his job prior to his return to the UK.


Corrie fans will now have to wait until Monday to see how Ken explains Adam’s departure to his nearest and dearest following tonight’s showdown.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.

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