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The Great Pottery Throwdown


BBC2, 8pm

The tears of judge Keith Brymer Jones are familiar to all Throw Down watchers by now, but it’s a shock to see the hitherto dry-eyed Kate Malone get a bit weepy. 

She’s very moved by a contestant’s signature make, a set of four Russian dolls. Though they aren’t Russian and they aren’t dolls, in fact no one makes Russian dolls, though they are allowed to adapt the principle of the pieces fitting snugly inside one another. 

The designs must be “intricate and beautiful”, according to Malone, and some potters are more successful than others. A couple fall down by running out of time or forgetting/ignoring key parts of the brief, and as it’s the quarter-final, the pressure is keener than ever. 

In the throw down challenge things get a bit Fifty Shades meets Ghost when the potters wear blindfolds to make big bowls. 

Brexit: Britain’s Biggest Deal

BBC2, 9pm

It’s easier for newspapers to make the Brexit saga accessible to the rest of us: they can be polemical one way or the other. But television coverage is obliged to be – or appear – even-handed. A BBC doc, in particular, has to show Solomon-like fairness to both sides of the argument (enough to blunt any journalistic edge) – though it will almost certainly end up slated by both sides for #bbcbias anyway. 

Political editor Laura Kuenssberg is used to such constraints and here does her best to walk the tightrope as she surveys the issues facing Britain and Europe in the coming years. With Article 50 – the starting gun for Brexit negotiations – about to be triggered, Kuenssberg talks to leading players on both sides and maps out the political minefield Theresa’s May’s government needs to navigate – and why it matters to us all.


Channel 4, 8pm

Clare Balding presents further coverage from the world’s largest dog show at Birmingham NEC, where a packed programme includes judging of the Terrier and Hound groups and highlights of the Agility and Flyball. Clare also meets last year’s Crufts winner Devon, who is competing in the Eukanuba World Challenge – a league of nations-style competition for top winners from different countries. Kate Beavan and Nim Patel team up to talk about dog health and welfare, Iwan Thomas reports on dog socialisation, and there’s an appearance from cat-detection dog Molly.

Children of Men

SyFy, 10pm

In a future blighted by mass infertility, the human race is one generation from extinction and the world has plunged into chaos. In a totalitarian Britain, a jaded former activist tries to protect the first woman to become pregnant in nearly 20 years. However, a militant underground group plans to use her for its own ends. Thriller, starring Clive Owen, Michael Caine and Julianne Moore.

Designated Survivor



A low-level Cabinet member (Kiefer Sutherland) becomes President of the United States after a catastrophic attack kills everyone above him in the Presidential line of succession.