Coronation Street: Steve begs Leanne for his name to be on Oli’s birth certificate

The baby battle hots up next week on the Street


Coronation Street’s Steve McDonald begs Leanne Battersby that he be named as Oliver’s father on his birth certificate. 


Next week, the battle over the new baby intensifies as Leanne and Nick clash over allowing Steve access to his son. Deep down Leanne knows it’s the right thing to do, but Nick’s having none of it – and Mr Tilsley unleashes a tirade against both his fiancee and his daddy rival when Michelle sends him a picture she finds on her husband’s email account of Steve and Oliver.


Stropping off after a typical Tilsley tantrum, Nick forgets about the appointment he and Leanne made to register Oliver’s birth. Steve overhears Simon discussing it and runs down to the register office to find Leanne has gone alone (apart from the baby, obviously…) and he demands to be named as Oliver’s father on his birth certificate.

How will Leanne react? Will she cave in without Nick around? And does this mean Steve is one step closer to full custody? And where exactly is Nick while all this is going on…?


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