Coronation Street: Michelle seduces Nick in revenge fling shocker!

The betrayed wife has a whole new way to get back at Steve


Scorned Michelle Connor throws herself at Nick Tilsley in next week’s Coronation Street as revenge against her husband Steve for sleeping with Leanne Battersby. 


The shock twist comes as Michelle plays dirty in her attempts to get even with her ex after he admitted to being the father of Leanne’s baby. The gloves are well and truly off as she hacks into Steve’s emails looking for anything incriminating and finds a photograph of him happily posing with Oli taken during a secret meeting with Leanne.

Knowing he’s been banned by Nick from having access to his son, Michelle spitefully spies a chance to cause some trouble and in Wednesday’s episode surreptitiously sends the snap to Mr Tilsley as him and Leanne meet with a solicitor in the bistro. Nick is predictably narked with both Steve and Leanne, who deep down actually thinks Steve should have some involvement in Oli’s life.

Needing some space from Leanne, on Friday Nick takes time out to cool down but ends up forgetting to register Oliver’s birth with Leanne, leaving the way clear for Steve to tag along instead.

Ending up in the bistro drowning his sorrows with Michelle who pushes insecure Nick’s buttons about how Leanne doesn’t care about him, the plastered pair end up back at the salon flat – and minxy Michelle goes in for a kiss!

Will one thing lead to another? And with Leanne desperate to find Nick to make up after their argument, could they be caught in the act?  


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