Touched by Charlie Gard’s story on This Morning? Here’s how to donate

Chris Gard and his wife Connie Yates are raising funds to save the life of their son Charlie who is battling a devastating disease


If you were watching This Morning earlier today, you will have seen a segment featuring Chris Gard and his wife Connie Yates speaking about their campaign to raise funds to save the life of their six-month-old son Charlie. 


Charlie has mitochondrial depletion syndrome – a life-threatening disease that causes a disruption in the mitochondria, the part of the cell which produces energy to his muscles, kidneys and brain. He has been in hospital since he was eight weeks old and is currently on life support. 


With no cure for the disease, Chris – who works for Immediate Media, the parent company of Radio Times – and his wife Connie have been raising money for a potentially life-saving treatment for their son, known as nucleoside bypass therapy. It is their only hope and will require them to travel to America with Charlie. But they need your help. 


To read more about #charliesfight – including details of his disease and the proposed treatment – visit Chris and Connie’s gofundme page here