Neighbours: Paige in car crash horror – plus Steph and Victoria are caught together

13-17 March 2017: And Toadie’s relationship with Dee and Willow takes a surprising turn


Monday 13 March


Ellen is overcome with jealousy when she sees Steph and Victoria together. Having resolved to help Willow reach her ambitions, Toadie finds himself drawn closer to Dee. With her departure imminent, Paige tries to tell Jack the truth about her baby, but cannot find the right moment – until it is too late. 

Tuesday 14 March

Mark is horrified to find Paige trapped in the wreckage of a car. With the emergency services delayed, her life is in the balance. Victoria is glad that she and Steph can be open about their relationship, but whether Steph feels the same way remains to be seen. Toadie and Sonya decide to offer Willow a room at their house. 


Wednesday 15 March

Everyone now knows who is the father of Paige’s baby. As she undergoes surgery, Jack has a potentially life-changing decision to make. Toadie needs Sonya’s support after matters take an unexpected turn. Elly offers to help the new teacher settle in, only to find that she already knows that he is bad news. 

Thursday 16 March

The new teacher, Finn Kelly, impresses Susan and settles in comfortably at Erinsborough High. Tim Collins asks Paul for help in his mayoral campaign and takes drastic action when Paul refuses. Sheila finds out that Xanthe has run up a serious debt in Terese’s name, and is furious when Terese gives her granddaughter the benefit of the doubt. 


Friday 17 March

Elly tries to get Susan on her side by exposing Finn’s past. Paul plans vengeance after discovering that Leo helped Tim Collins to blackmail him, but his scheme is thwarted by Amy. Piper and Tyler are struggling to make ends meet, and things get worse when Elly makes a scene at the bar where Tyler works, putting his job in jeopardy.