Emmerdale: Rakesh survives fall but has Jimmy really got away with it?

They call it quits for now, but Priya won't let it go


Emmerdale have revealed the fate of Rakesh Kotecha following his horrific fall in yesterday’s cliffhanger.


Allaying fan fears that the character had been sensationally killed off, tonight’s episode showed a battered and bruised Rakesh in hospital, having survived tumbling out of the renovated Mill window after a fight with kidnapper Jimmy King, who’d held him captive and threatened to kill him as revenge for causing the fire that injured his wife Nicola.

Making a miraculous recovery from being unconscious and bleeding on the ground just 24 hours earlier, seemingly indestructible Rakesh lied to wife Priya the whole thing was an accident (and only complained that he felt like he had a hangover, he’s clearly made of strong stuff) – only for Jimmy and Nicola to storm in and incriminate themselves assuming Priya was in the know.

Trying to brush it off as a “silly misunderstanding”, Rakesh and the Kings were prepared to call it quits, but furious Priya understandably wanted to involve the police so Jimmy paid the price – before Nicola pointed out Priya was in on her slipper husband’s arson cover up and she could end up in prison too. 

Much to Jimmy and Nico’s relief, Rakesh convinced his angry wife to keep quiet – but Priya later sidled up to the couple in the Woolpack and hinted this was not over, hinting that she and Rakesh had “our own ideas about where we go from here…” 

Jimmy and Rakesh may have called a truce, but now it seems their wives are the ones to watch as their feud threatens to escalate.  

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