EastEnders: no going back for Denise as she signs adoption papers

But is she already regretting her decision to give away her and Phil's baby?


Denise Fox signed the consent form confirming her baby’s adoption in tonight’s EastEnders – and immediately appeared to struggle with the decision.


With Kim applying the pressure on her sister to face up to the reality of giving up her newborn, Denise was told by social services the time had come to sign the consent form if she was sure about giving her son away. The new mum is already aware that a couple are ready to take in the little boy, who they’ve named Ray.

The social worker explained to Denise that once she signed on the dotted line, it would become a lot more complicated if she then wanted to change her mind.

Signing the document, agitated Dee insisted she was doing the right thing and wanted to get on with the rest of her life – but her face told a very different story…


When she was handed a letter from her baby’s new parents, emotional Denise couldn’t bring herself to open it and later tore it up after drowning her sorrows with Shirley – fighting back tears to a concerned Patrick as she appeared to regret the adoption but resolved to try and live with her decision.

But with Kim now in the know about the fact Denise told her baby daddy about the kid, could the secret about Phil Mitchell being the father be revealed to the rest of Walford? And what are contents of the letter? 

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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