Jyn Erso’s Star Wars Rogue One necklace had a hidden message that no one could spot

You'd never have noticed the words subtly scratched into the little crystal


If you’ve seen Star Wars spin-off Rogue One you’ll know Jyn Erso is handed a special necklace by her mother as she flees the Empire’s troops but what you might not have spotted is the hidden message on it.


The fine folks at StarWars.com recently updated their databank, revealing an inscription on the necklace that was too small for us cinema goers to spot.


The inscription is written in Aurebesh, the most commonly spotted language in the Star Wars universe (which also popped up in Doctor Who), and when you translate it the message becomes “Trust in the…”.

Now, considering Lyra tells Jyn to trust in The Force, we’re guessing that’s the bit of the message that’s missing. We could be wrong, though – this is Star Wars after all. There are new mysteries waiting around every corner.

The data bank reveals that Lyra managed to nab the fragment of broken Kyber crystal (the gem that powers a lightsaber and gave the Death Star its incredible strength) from Galen Erso’s (Jyn’s dad, the scientist who worked with the crystals on behalf of the Empire before fleeing) stash when she and her family left Coruscant long before the events of Rogue One, but it was only a fragment of the original crystal.

So what happened to the main crystal? And who carved those words into it? 


Those are questions worthy of another Star Wars story, surely…