Emmerdale: sex tape drama for Rhona and Pierce

Manipulative Pierce is getting even darker in next week's episodes


Just when you thought Pierce and Rhona’s storyline couldn’t get any more sinister, along come next week’s Emmerdale episodes. An upcoming plotline will see Pierce film Rhona doing an awkward striptease while modelling some sexy underwear – only to then shoot further explicit scenes after he accidentally leaves the camera on his tablet running.


In true Pierce style, he’ll then get offended when Rhona shows her unhappiness about the recording they’ve unwittingly made. As Rhona worries, a moody Pierce guilt trips her when she won’t watch the sex tape, accusing her of always being ashamed of their intimacy. To appease him, Rhona tells Pierce not to delete the tape.


But does Pierce have an ulterior motive in wanting to keep the footage? What viewers will also see is Vanessa going all out to convince Rhona that Pierce is a control freak, a move that doesn’t go down well with the man himself. By next Friday, the feud between Pierce and Vanessa will have intensified to such an extent that he’ll orchestrate a way for her to ‘accidentally’ come across the sex tape.


As Vanessa watches its contents, she’s left aghast. But what is Pierce’s reason for getting Vanessa to view it in the first place?


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