Coronation Street: Peter has bombshell news for the Barlows! Chris Gascoyne interview

Find out all about Peter's big plans


Has Peter Barlow turned over a new leaf? It’s the question that all Coronation Street fans will be asking when – in next week’s episodes – he goes all out to raise money for Toyah’s IVF treatment. The trouble is, his methods for getting hold of the cash might just raise a few eyebrows.


First of all, he opts to chauffeur admirer Chloe around, stringing her along in order to part her from her pound notes. Then comes his bombshell decision to put Preston’s Petals on the market! As Tracy reels at having the rug pulled from under her, Peter explains what he’s going to do with the profits from the sale. Let’s just say that Ken and Tracy aren’t that impressed by Peter’s actions…

So, as Peter’s plan threatens to backfire and he once again gets caught between two women, we caught up with actor Chris Gascoyne to find out what he makes of all the latest drama:

So, tell us about this arrangement Peter has with Chloe?
I guess he’s her designated taxi driver and he runs here wherever she want. She gives great tips and she starts to ask him to spend time with her at the house chatting and doing odd jobs.

How does he feel about the fact that he is leading her on?
He knows full well that she fancies him and that, by agreeing to spend time at the house with her, he’s giving her the wrong idea. But he’s doing it for the money – knowing Peter he’s also probably enjoying the attention, but he thinks he’s got it all under control.

How are things between him and Toyah right now?
They’re pretty much back on an even keel and things are going well – all the money he gets from Chloe is going into the IVF fund and Toyah is pleased he’s so busy, although he’s not letting on exactly how he’s getting the money. But, at the same time, he’s letting Chloe thinks that Toyah is a bit of a nag and a bit needy. He kills her phone calls when she rings while he’s at Chloe’s house. So all of this is leading Chloe to thinking she has more of a chance with him.

How does he really feel about going ahead with the IVF?
He wants to do it for her, but he’s apprehensive. He’s under no illusion that it’s going to be difficult – he would be happy not to go through it, but he’s determined to do it for Toyah. He knows how important it is for her.

Do you think he could be tempted to stray with Chloe?
I think, at this moment in time, he’s a one-woman man. He finds Chloe attractive and does enjoy chatting to her, but he’s really is in it for the money.

Why does Peter decide to sell the flower shop?
He finds out that Toyah is getting money from the sale of her and Toby’s house and he wants to invest in a business and use the profits to pay for the IVF.

How do his family react to his plan?
They’re surprised and aren’t sure he’s thought it through at all. Ken’s not at all happy with the plan. But Chloe is very manipulative and when he starts to talk to her about it she supports him.

Has he really thought this through?
He thinks he has and he’s doing it for the right reasons. And he’s angry at the lack of support he’s getting from his family and from Toyah.

Do you personally think Peter and Toyah can go the distance?
They could, but then there’s always Peter’s self destruct button. Even if he doesn’t do something wrong on purpose, things have a way of falling apart around him. So outside forces could enter into it and cause the relationship to struggle. For example, he really should come clean to Toyah about getting paid to ferry Chloe around, but he doesn’t. He makes some seriously flawed choices 

Would you like to see Peter become a dad again? Or would you prefer to see him invest in the new business?
I think his plan is to try and do both. He’s not a bad father now to Simon and it would give him chance to try and do it all again, but better this time.

Is Peter more fun to play when he’s trying to be good, or when he’s being naughty?
As an actor, it’s great to see all the sides of Peter. I was pleased that he no longer has a problem with alcohol, but he’s never going to be straightforward is he!

What else is coming up for Peter?
Ever since Kate Oates brought back the Barlow clan, we’ve watched the relationships grow and the different dynamics develop within the family. There is a lot of drama to come for the Barlows both individually and collectively – it’s great to be here and be part of this family that have been in the show from day one.

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