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(ITV, 9pm)


Detectives Ellie Miller and Alec Hardy are called to the steps of their own police station in the middle of the night where a woman stares blankly into the distance, a single tear coursing down her cheek. She’s been raped and she’s catatonic with shock.

It’s a harrowing start to what looks like a back-on-form Broadchurch (let’s forget about the misfired series two), which might even be better than Chris Chibnall’s first, unforgettable story set in that deceptively calm-looking, sun-blushed Dorset town. 

As Miller and Hardy (Olivia Colman and David Tennant, both so good) carefully and kindly take the victim Trish through the difficult processes involved in evidence gathering after a sexual assault, she slowly offers fractured memories of the attack. 

Julie Hesmondhalgh is heartbreaking as baffled and traumatised Trish; “Why did he choose me?” while Miller and Hardy fear the worst kind of predator is loose on their patch. It’s quietly brilliant. 

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Meet the Lords

(BBC2, 9pm)

Here’s a revealing behind-the-scenes doc series that will satisfy most people. Broadly, if you regard the House of Lords as a well-upholstered den of old fogeys and hot air, we see plenty to back that up. Equally, if you see it as a vital cog in the constitution and a place where spiky legislation is sanded down by experts, we see evidence for that, too. 

But most of all the sheer oddness and flummery come across as we see Black Rod hastily pulling on his tights or a herald donning a colossal coat of arms. The whole place resembles a Lewis Carroll-inspired club for the over 70s or, as a Lib Dem peer puts it, “the best daycare centre for the elderly in London”. 

And in the slightly rakish and unfiltered Lord Palmer (“I was kicked out of every school I went to because I was so incredibly stupid,” he drawls) the series has an unlikely star.

Oscars 2017: Highlights

(Sky Cinema Oscars, 8pm)


It’s the biggest night of the year for film. And you may or may not of heard, not everything goes to plan!

You WILL NOT want to miss this!

The Nightly Show with David Walliams

(ITV, 10pm)


There’s a lot riding on The Nightly Show, largely because it replaces ITV’s News at Ten, which has shuffled to 10.30pm. But also because it must find its feet immediately; viewers don’t stick around if a supposedly fast-moving entertainment show doesn’t leap straight off the blocks. So it has to impress from the opening minute. 

Comedian, author and actor David Walliams hosts for the first week and, though guests have yet to be confirmed, we’re promised “a high tempo mixture of topical monologue, studio games and experts”.


The Nightly Show is taped just hours before transmission to ensure topicality. It will, initially, have an eight-week run.