Neighbours: Elly and Angus are headline news – plus Toadie is close to breaking point

6-10 March 2017: And Steph comes face-to- face with her harasser


Monday 6 March


After an incident with her bike, Steph worries that she is suffering psychiatric symptoms again. Sonya and Mark come to a decision over the baby but decide not to tell Toadie, only increasing his unease when he sees the two of them talking. Elly comes clean about Willow’s actions, jeopardising her dream. 

Tuesday 7 March

Elly is devastated when a photo of her and Angus appears in the paper. She accuses Willow, but Willow knows the real culprit. Steph is both relieved and surprised when she catches her harasser tampering with her bike. Toadie comes close to breaking point when he catches Mark with Sonya. 

Wednesday 8 March

Jack’s suspicions are aroused when he sees Dustin with Paige. Toadie tells Sonya that he has thrown Mark out of the house, but is later shocked by a revelation from Dee. Gary is keen to reveal his relationship with Terese to the world, but this seems to be going too fast for her—is she ready to take a leap of faith? 

Thursday 9 March

When Toadie comes home after a night out, Sonya confronts him with an ultimatum—he must choose between herself and Dee. Leo realises that he cannot ignore the threat to his business posed by Lassiter’s, but has a decision to make when Jasmine offers him a payoff—under certain conditions. Terese and Gary are ready to go public. 


Friday 10 March

Uncertain of what to do after Jasmine’s offer, Leo tells David everything he has discovered. After receiving some distressing news from the Gold Coast, Brad and Lauren reconsider their plans to move there. When Steph’s bike is vandalised, she is certain that she knows who is responsible, but Mark is concerned that she may be taking things too far.