Hollyoaks: Marnie sets fire to the pub in sensational meltdown

But no one believes her about Mac and Lisa!


Marnie Nightingale just had the mother of all meltdowns in Hollyoaks as she tried to burn down the pub, reeling from the revelation of Mac and Lisa’s affair.


In tonight’s explosive E4 episode, Marnie told daughter Ellie about her dad cheating with her dad brother’s fiancee, having overheard the pair discussing the secret in a confession booth after Nathan’s funeral.

Ellie refused to believe her ranting mother and Marnie was soon in self-destruct mode, consumed with anger at Mac’s betrayal on top of the grief of losing her son.

Setting fire to the pub basement, unaware Mac was sleeping upstairs, Ellie and Freddie were soon on the scene and found Marnie among the smoke just in time to stop the whole place from going up in flames.


Fortunately (or unfortunately) the incident didn’t turn into one of those almighty stunts Hollyoaks is so famous for, and Marnie was carted off in a private ambulance after concerned Ellie called the doctor. In an ironic twist, Ellie pretended to believe Marnie’s claims about Mac and Lisa, but actually put it down to her mother’s fragile mental state at losing Nathan – meaning the affair still remains a secret… But for how long?