Kym Marsh on THAT Coronation Street punch – “Michelle has a great right hook”

The Corrie star reveals all about the filming of Michelle v Leanne


Tonight’s Coronation Street saw Michelle finally discover that husband Steve is the father of Leanne’s baby – and it’s fair to say that the aftermath was a little bit explosive.


As Michelle reeled, she ended up lashing out and punching Leanne for what she saw as her friend’s betrayal. Having recently lost a baby, Michelle has been seen struggling with her grief of late, but fans certainly weren’t expecting for her to lash out in such a visceral way.


“Michelle has a great right hook and we did it one take,” reveals Kym Marsh. “It was brilliant and I don’t think people saw it coming. Our fight arranger explained that it’s all about the follow through, which makes it look real. So we just went for it. Michelle was never going to leave quietly was she! She’s devastated and so angry with Leanne. She thought she was her friend and she feels so betrayed by both her and Steve.”

Viewers have long been wondering how Michelle was going to react once the news reached her ears. These past few months, the number of people who knew the secret has kept growing, with Liz, Nick, Peter and Toyah all privy to the results of Steve’s one-night stand with Leanne. 

But, in the end, it was Steve who blurted out the truth when he was left holding baby Oliver during a party at the Bistro. Speaking about the filming of the pivotal scenes, Marsh says, “It was great. We were all looking forward to how seeing how it would come to a head and we weren’t disappointed. For Steve to blurt it out in such a public way was brilliant and so much more dramatic than if he had sat Michelle down in private and told her.”


Of course, the big reveal is just the start of the drama. Upcoming scenes will now see Michelle ask for a divorce and barricade herself in the Rovers, while Steve decides that he wants to fight for some custody of his son. Suddenly the united front the McDonalds had in the wake of losing Ruairi feels like a distant memory.

Adds Marsh: “It’s certainly made all the more poignant because it comes at a time when Michelle was finally starting to see that there might be a way forward for them both following Ruairi’s death.”

So is this really it for Michelle and Steve? Can they find a way to reconcile or is their marriage truly over? Let’s just say that it’s all going to get very bitter behind the bar at the Rovers. And we’re not talking about the ale on offer..

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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